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Senior Bookkeeper and Owner

Kristi Wilson has been the creator and mastermind behind Check & Balance Bookkeeping. After graduating from SDSU with a Business Finance degree, she began her work with QuickBooks in early 2001. Kristi has focused on building a career around her family. Work life balance is very important to our success, so it is our goal to make sure the client relationship is the best match for everyone.  Kristi is extremely outdoors oriented, and likes working with people that enjoy nature. Kristi spends her free time watching her children play soccer, baseball and when they are not committed to sports, they are with nature, camping at the beach or in the mountains. When Kristi is not outside, she puts her energy and focus into helping others to organize financial affairs but also expands to other services including day to day business operations, staff culture and recruitment, business budgeting, marketing goals and farthing the success of her clients.

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